Hair Extensions

 System Volume

A revolutionary service creating long lasting volume.  This new generation of hair application is the most comfortable with an 80% faster application time.  The System Volume tailor made solution lasts up to 3 months.  For more detailed information, please read our Hair Extensions FAQ page.  15 minutes to 1 hour.

Basic Volume  $250

Full Volume  $500 - $750


 DoubleHair Treatment

A quick and comfortable way to enjoy hair extensions. Our unique human hair weft method is a great choice for our guests who have medium length hair and want to enhance the length and volume of natural hair. This hair extension service includes 5 DoubleHair wefts. Each weft is equivalent to 20 single-strand extensions and is secured comfortably in place by five mini keratin and wax damage-free bonds. This 'floating' weft installation is quick to install and extremely comfortable to wear. For more detailed information, please read our Hair Extensions FAQ page.  1-2 hours.

Full Volume  $600

Custom Length & Volume  $1200

Ultimate Custom  $2000 - $2500

 Fill-In Fusion

For adding length, enhancing texture, increasing volume or adding color accents. Our single-strand fusion method is available in lengths up to 24 inches. Natural-looking, individual placement of small strand human hair extensions fused to natural hair with a mini keratin and wax, damage-free bond.  Add a few strands for accents or up to 200 strands for full length.  For more detailed information, please read our Hair Extensions FAQ page.  1-4 hours.

18"  $10 per extension

24"  $12 per extension



Fashion trends are today’s inspiration for hair styles and colors. This includes changing hair colors regularly. Traditional coloring techniques do not offer the same flexibility as Balmain Hair+ Color Flash. With the wide color collection from natural tones to vibrant and flashy colors you can create any style!  For more detailed information, please read our Hair Extensions FAQ page.  15 - 45 minutes.

Chemical-Free Color Service  $40+

Instant Hair Correction  $70+



Hair Extension Maintenance

Systeme Volume  $300+ (60 - 90 minutes)

DoubleHair  $150 (45 minutes)

Fill-In & ColorFlash  $100 per 60 minutes