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Spring Hair Trend - PINK!

Something I'm seeing A LOT moving into fall, is pink hair. And I love it!
Aveda Guest Artist Lupe Voss says, "why go pink? Because you can!"


Whether or not you're ready for this avant garde expression of color, it is setting the tone for Spring 2013 hair color. Softness is key. Yes, pink is bold - but pale pink is soft and pretty. Turn your bright and bold fall color into a fresh and casual spring look. Pale yellow highlights warm up a dull, washed-out blonde. Muted caramel color-melting will soften any harsh brunette. Placement and color families will play a big role in finding your perfect spring shade. Think analogous color schemes: red, orange and yellow or blue, green and yellow. Now, translate that to hair: deep chocolate brunette complimented by dark caramel lowlights and softened with subtle highlights around the face.


Here are some tips to get you through this spring looking effortlessly manicured.

  • Maintain the deepness of your color by using color-safe shampoo and conditioner.
  • Add a clear shine treatment to your regular color and haircut appointments to preserve your highlights without neglecting any dry or split ends.
  • Embrace the idea of "grown-out" highlights that are hidden in lower layers of the hair; this shadowing technique will make fine hair look fuller.
  • Keep heat styling to a minimum. Natural, shiny hair trumps overly-styled, dry hair.
  • Get rid of helmet hair spray. Keep a bottle of light hold, flexible spray that won't be sticky.

Voila! Spring hair that won't look grown-out OR bleached-out by summertime.


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