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How To: Beyonce's Half Time Hair

As usual, not only did Beyonce bring a great performance but her hair looked sent from heaven. If you have long locks, you were probably drooling over her perfectly tousled curls and how they fell just right after all those wild head-swinging moves. Well, drool no more! You can have Beyonce hair too.


My suggestion is that you start with freshly shampooed hair and that you have some natural texture to your hair. However, if your hair is super straight by nature, try going to bed with it wet to get a little bit of movement. Otherwise, air dry with minimal product.
Product suggestions: Aveda Curl Controller, Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse

Iron work:

The key to this look is NATURAL. You will need to use a tapered curl rod no larger than 1.5" like the one pictured. It takes a little practice if you've never used a clamp-less iron before, but stick with it! Once you've wrapped the hair around the iron, you will want to tip the iron so that you are holding it vertically. Always wrap hair away from your face. Work in sections and take small sections closer to your face (1" by 1") and larger ones toward the back (1.5" by 1.5"). Experiment with different size sections and leaving the iron on for less time in some sections to create a natural feel. You will want a slight inconsistency in your curls to make it look tousled. Let each section cool properly before moving on to the finishing step.

Once the hair has cooled, spray generously with a texturizing spray and scrunch the hair to tousle. I prefer the scrunching movement over finger-combing as it creates more of a voluminous and natural texture. Finish with a light hair spray.
Product suggestions: Aveda Volumizing Tonic, Sebastian Re-Shaper Hairspray

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