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Winterize your hair and skin

Temperatures are dropping fast. The cold, dry air can rob your hair and skin of much needed moisture. Replenish dry hair and chapped skin with essential oils of Rose and Vanilla. AVEDA Singular Notes are concentrated plant and flower essences blended into a coconut oil base. They are perfect for enhancing the moisturizing effect of your hair conditioner, body lotion and facial moisturizer. This month we are featuring Rose Absolute and Vanilla Absolute because of the intense hydration these essential oils provide. Aveda Singular Notes are now in stock and available at Ross Edward Salon.

 Rose Absolute

  • Enhance feelings of serenity and well-being with "the queen of essential oils"-a deep, rich, floral middle note extracted from rose petals.
  • Calms the senses.
  • Soothes dry, sensitive and mature skin.
  • Use alone or blend; for body or bath
  • Adds a soft, powdery, floral tone to Singular Notes blends.


Vanilla Absolute

  • Feel your spirits soar with this calming, sweet, oriental base note derived from vanilla beans.
  • Calms the senses.
  • Helps achieve inner balance.
  • Enhances meditation.
  • Adds a rich, warm touch to Singular Notes aroma blends.
  • Apply to the ends of the hair for a fragrant leave-in conditioning effect.
  • Use as a body moisturizer. Not recommended for the face.


Try these blends in fractionated coconut oil or unscented lotion. Great for dry hands and feet!

Patricia's perfume blend:

1 drop Rose Absolute

1 drop Vanilla Absolute 

Ross' Peppermint Bark fragrance blend:

9 drops Vanilla Absolute

1 drop Patchouli

1 drop Peppermint



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